Stage 1 of PowerSeraya's first power station in Jurong was completed - firing up Singapore's drive for economic expansion and technology. Jurong's four 60MW steam turbines were commissioned and it helped the then Singapore Public Utilities Board provide electricity for Singapore's burgeoning factories.


Stage 2 of Jurong Power Station was completed with three new 120MW steam turbines. It served Singapore well through its peak hour demand even through the 80s.


Pulau Seraya Power Station Stage 1 development marked the birth of Singapore's first offshore power station. Three 250MW generating steam plants completed Stage 1.


Pulau Seraya Power Station Stage 2 was completed. 


Public Utilities Board's Electricity Department became a corporation, Singapore Power. PowerSeraya became a subsidiary.


PowerSeraya diversified into oil storage through Oiltanking Seraya Pte Ltd as a joint venture.


PowerSeraya's Pulau Seraya Power Station at Jurong Island was fully completed.


Ownership of PowerSeraya was transferred to Temasek Holdings (Pte) Ltd. Seraya Energy Pte Ltd was formed and granted license as a private electricity retailer.


PowerSeraya’s new Combined Cycle Power plant (CCPP) was completed and boosted total licenced capacity to 3100MW.


S$200 million agreement was signed with IHI Japan to convert three units of 250 MW steam plants to run on Orimulsion®/ Heavy Fuel Oil. PowerSeraya was certified ISO 9001: 2000 compliant.


Signing of the 2004- 2007 Collective Agreement with the Union of Power and Gas Employees put in place major work place reforms which included a new asset-based team structure, introduction of 12-hour shifts and a performance-based wage system.

ISO 9001:2000 was extended to cover the operation and maintenance of PowerSeraya's two units of 370MW CCPP.


Conversion of the three units of steam plants in Stage 1 to run on Orimulsion®/ Heavy Fuel Oil was fully completed.

PowerSeraya implemented an Environmental Management System and was certified ISO 14001 compliant.

Seraya Energy won Regional New Call Centre of the Year (Gold) and Singapore New Call Centre (Silver) awards.


PowerSeraya made a strategic investment in water production to become self-sufficient in its water needs.

Seraya Energy was ranked Singapore's 3rd Fastest Growing Company. The Fastest Growing 50 (FG50) Certification confers recognition in outstanding achievement for continuous and sustained corporate growth based on the company's three-year compounded annual growth rate in turnover.


New physical oil trading subsidiary, PetroSeraya Pte Ltd was established on 2 April 2007 to strengthen fuel security while providing options to increase revenue stream to include bunkering, water supply or cargo trading.

On 22 August 2007, the PowerSeraya Group announced plans to invest in a new 800MW natural gas-fired Co-Generation Combined Cycle Power Plant to be completed by 2009/2010. The project undertaken by the Siemens-Samsung Consortium will deliver ultra high pressure steam to drive critical chemical processes for customers’ operations on Jurong Island.


The Official Opening of PowerSeraya's 10,000m3/day Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant on 29 January 2008 marked the installation of the world's first to use the highly advanced 16-inch large diameter membrane technology. With this desalination plant, PowerSeraya is able to become self-sufficient in its water needs while creating a Combined Heat, Water and Power platform for future growth.

PetroSeraya was awarded with International Enterprise Singapore's Global Trader Award. 

PowerSeraya’s Oil Testing Laboratory was successfully accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 for its technical competence in carrying out tests and calibrations.  

  As part of the liberalisation of the power generation industry in Singapore, the PowerSeraya Group was divested from Temasek Holdings (Private) Limited to YTL Power International Berhad on 6 March 2009.    img_milestone_2009.jpg
  PowerSeraya’s 800MW natural gas-fired Co-Generation Combined Cycle Plant was officially opened on 20 October 2010. The completion of the plant further sealed the position of PowerSeraya as a leading integrated energy company in Singapore to provide efficient and reliable multi-utility services.    img_milestone_2010.jpg

PowerSeraya reflected its commitment in re-employing mature employees beyond age 62 by introducing a new clause in early 2011 into the 2010-2013 Collective Agreement with the Union of Power and Gas Employees. The company is the first power generation company to formally adopt a re-employment framework, and has done so since 1 April 2010. This is ahead of the re-employment legislation intended for 2012, which aims to allow mature workers to stay economically productive.

The accreditation of PowerSeraya’s laboratory with ISO/IEC17025:2005 SAC-SINGLAS in June 2011 has enabled the laboratory to become a full-fledged testing centre able to do both oil and water testing services. It also made PowerSeraya the first power generation company to be accredited in fuel oil and desalination water listed on the SAC-SINGLAS directory.